Columbus Youth Soccer Club

Team Manager


 Notify team members of all team schedule changes in conjunction with coach.


Provide each team member a current team roster with phone numbers of all players and coach’s phone numbers.


Organize refreshments during season and tournament games.  (Assign a team parent a game that they are responsible for fruit/water for the half time and a snack and drink for after the game.) Based on age group of team.


Organize an end of season party, trophies (age appropriate) and coach’s gifts.


Arrange and organize team pictures.


Set up workers to cover concession stand duty. Three adults are required.


Act as a contact person in conjunction with the team coach with the CYSC administrative office and staff.  Please get registered in the computer system as team manager so you will get the same emails that the coach receives.


Any other activities as may be needed by coach or team.


Have all team players/parents read and sign the commitment agreement.

If your team will be traveling to tournaments, the team manager will need to register as a volunteer in order to be allowed on the players' bench at the tournament. Click Here to go to our registration page.


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